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ABOUT O'DELL engineering

O’Dell Engineering Ltd. was established in 1995 as a source for custom firearms engineering support to the industry.  O’Dell has provided engineering, quality assurance, and product development support to such firms as Colt’s Manufacturing (now Colt Defense), Trijicon Inc., Simunition (Division of GDLS), Blackhawk Products Group and others.


O’Dell was approached in 1997 by Steyr-Mannlicher GmbH of Austria to provide in Canada support to existing Steyr-Mannlicher customers as well as to address their Law Enforcement and Military inquiries.  We are factory trained and certified to provide warranty service and supply all parts for Steyr systems to the Canadian market.  For a short period when Steyr was absent from the US, O’Dell provided this support North America wide until Steyr Arms was re-established.


In 1998 O’Dell Engineering acquired Phantom Forge, a partnership gunsmithing business established in 1982 by Derek & Philip O’Dell, and has operated Phantom Forge as a wholly owned division since that time.  Phantom Forge is fully licensed to handle all classes of firearms for import, sale, repair, and storage.


We partner with premier manufacturers from Canada and around the world to bring unique products to our dealers and shooters across Canada.  Here at home, we are proud to represent Colt Canada (formerly Diemaco) for all commercial sales, as well as Thundershot and Triggertech.  From abroad we import Rock Island Armory, ATA Arms, Derya Arms, Aguila Ammunition, Tisas, Sarsilmaz, Mission First Tactical, and the superb US Optics line.  We are now introducing many new products under our house brand “Canuck”.   It is our goal to continuously provide Canadian shooters and hunters with new, innovative products to make your enjoyment of our sport greater.


Support is also a critical aspect of our business and we provide first line warranty service and support for every one of our lines.  Where possible we do repairs and provide service, including custom and specialty work, in partnership with our manufacturers, ensuring that your warranty service is both rapidly completed and fully backed by the OEM using factory parts and techniques.


O’Dell Engineering is proud to be an industry member of the CSAAA and to partner with the Canadian Shooting Sports Association supporting our sport in the halls of government.




The Great White North is home to many forms of wildlife and unpredictable weather conditions. Our reliable hunting shotgun brands are made and sold with Canadians in mind.


Getting to the range is a great way to improve your sport. When precision counts, our AR-15's and handguns are tried, tested and true.


When you're making the perfect gun, or maybe just need ammo or calls for a day in the field, you're sure to find our hard wearing accessories can take the beating.

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If you have an issue with any of our products, please fill out the online warranty form. Our warranty department will call with an RA number and the product will be sent directly to us. Repair times will vary.




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Due to the nature of our products, please allow 2-5 business days before shipment. If you would like automatic tracking updates, please email shipping and receiving to update your shipping profile. If there is a discrepancy in the items that you have received, they must be reported within 5 business days of delivery.

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