masai mara walnut

inertia semi auto | 12ga| 28" barrel | 3" chamber |
2+1 rds| 5 chokes |



The novel and unique Removable Trigger system puts the Masai Mara one step ahead among its piers. It provides for easy cleaning and incorporates a positive safety system. Should your gun become dirty or wet, the trigger assembly can be removed and re-assembled with a simple push button when you are in your shooting standing without using any tools. You can easily clean and inspect it anytime so you don’t lose hunting opportunities.



A special silk touch feeling is given to all surfaces with a special Softouch finish. Easy cleaning and extra comfortable handing in shootings



The Kinetic drive is an inertial system. It’s strong with steel locking lugs securing the bolt, simple as three main moving parts; the bolt body, spring and rotating bolt head. The kinetic drive stays clean as the gas, smoke and burnt powder from the shell are ejected out of the barrel away from the operating mechanism. The system is lighter and faster than other operating systems, and offers the lightest, most balanced weight distribution for rapid, accurate shooting. The mechanism operates with any type of load, and under all conditions of weather, temperature or humidity.



The removable trigger comes with new features in shotguns. Take the trigger group out and keep the gun safe in car or living room. Besides the cross safety system of gun, you can use this new easy and safe feature for peace of mind.



End of the traditional stamped ejector system. The Removable Ejector ® system offer to disassembling and cleaning ejector of your gun with new design.



  • Snap Cap hard locking case
  • 5 Chokes
  • Snap cap
  • Removable sling swivels
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty



Item #: rmmw1228 [walnut]

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