3 Prong Ported Muzzle Break

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[E2ARMD1] Black

Reduces muzzle brake with the aid of 4 ports on top. The 2 ports on either side direct gas horizontally keeping recoil to a minimum. The front three prongs help direct the remaining gas and concussion forward from the shooter. All these elements make up a very comfortable muzzle brake for indoor and outdoor shooters. Where other muzzle brakes direct gas only horizontally MFT’s comp takes it a step further.

• For 5.56/.223 caliber
• 2 port design for lateral gas dispersion aids in reducing recoil
• 4 top port design aids in keeping the muzzle brake down
• 3 prong design aids in directing gas and concussion forward and away from shooter
• 416 Stainless Steel
• Black Nitride Finish
• Milspec Crush Washer Included – 17PH4 Stainless Steel pre-hardened

Weight: 1.568oz

OD: .750”

Length: 2.00”

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