Colt Canada

On June 30th, 1976 the government of Canada contracted the private tool and die firm of Diemaco Incorporated to support their existing fleet of small arms (eg. FN FAL rifles, Sterling Sub-Machine guns) with 3rd and 4th Line repair and overhaul.  Six years later the Department of National Defence would award the SARP (Small Arms Replacement Program) contract to Diemaco to supply C7 rifles and C8 carbines under license from Colt Defense LLC.  In the years forward, to 2005, our company would be awarded contracts from the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Norway and the Canadian Law Enforcement Community for various weapon platforms based on the C7 family design, grenade Launchers and machine-gun mounts.  In 2005, Diemaco was sold by Heroux-Devtek to Colt's Manufacturing LLC.  Under new management Colt Canada has expanded and diversified it's products throughout our customer fleets.  2015 has seen our first offering to the civilian sales market in the SA15.7 and SA20 and MRR fleets.