MG Micro Lite


Introducing the NEW FOR 2024 Premier Series MgMicro Lite. The MgMicro Lite is a testament to our commitment to innovation, offering a solution for those who refuse to compromise on performance even in the most demanding and weight-sensitive scenarios. Its ultralight magnesium micro chassis provides a foundation for unparalleled stability and accuracy. The MgMicro Lite is a compact powerhouse of features. From the carbon barrel’s directional accuracy to the carbon fiber buttstock and grip’s lightweight versatility, every component is carefully chosen to enhance your shooting experience without burdening you with unnecessary weight. 


CURE™ Carbon Barrel

Graphite Black Cerakote®

XLR magnesium ATOM chassis with folding stock

starting at 5.8lbs

5 round mag capacity

37" overall length

18" barrel

AICS detachable magazine


BPR36-65CM 6.5 CM
BPR36-308 .308 WIN
BPR36-65PRC 6.5 PRC