4 Prong Side Port Muzzle Break/Compensator Hybrid

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[E2ARMD3] Black

Designed to be a true hybrid. Gas is forced forward and away from the shooter as well as disbursed out the sides. The first chamber helps direct gas up through the ports on top which aids with muzzle climb. Gas exiting out the sides aid in recoil reduction. The forward 4 prongs direct the concussion and remaining gas forward and away from the shooter. This will keep the shooter to your left and right a bit happier.

• For 5.56/.223 caliber
• 4 prongs gas direction design aids in gas dispersion
• 2 horizontal gas ports aid in felt recoil
• 2 vertical ports aid in muzzle climb reduction
• 416 Stainless Steel
• Black Nitride Finish
• Milspec Crush Washer Included – 17PH4 Stainless Steel pre-hardened
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