Canuck Evolve

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    Calibre Barrel Chamber Chokes Capacity
     .410 20" 2 1/2" F, M, C, IM, IC 3 OR 5 (two cylinders)



    • Aluminum receiver
    • Grade 2 Turkish Walnut
    • Fibre Optic front sight
    • Picatinny top rail
    The Canuck Evolve is the latest in revolver shotguns for fun and hunting. It features multiple sight options with the built in Picatinny (1913) rail and open sights. The front sight has a fibre optic insert for maximum contrast.  
    The revolver action is familiar to all and it swings out to the left of the gun and ejects rounds, like any revolver action, cleanly and neatly. It is easy to index and visibly safe with the cylinder opened. It is a double action trigger mechanism that can also be fired single action by manually cocking the hammer, similar to all modern revolver actions.
    The Evolve comes with 2 cylinders - a 5 shot cylinder for the range and a 3 shot cylinder for hunting.  It also has interchangeable chokes and 5 are included with the gun - Full, IM, Modified, IC, and Cylinder along with a choke wrench, all in a pocket sized case.
    The 20" Barrel makes for smooth handling and is an ideal companion for upland or small game hunting, and with slugs it is suitable for medium game and predators.  Check your hunting regulations for firearm capacity and any calibre or shot limitations.)

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