Premier Series Stalker

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    Barrel Part No
    .300 WIN MAG 24" BPR16-300WMF
    .30-06 SPRG 24" BPR16-3006F
    .308 WIN 22" BPR16-308F
    .280 ACKLEY 22" BPR16-280F
    .270 WIN 24" BPR16-270F
    6.5 CREEDMOOR 22" BPR16-65F
      • Stock: Bergara BMP Chassis
      • Integrated QD flush cup mounts
      • Rear butt-stock: Adjustable cheek piece and length of pull Butt-stock can be removed allowing a standard AR-style buffer tube to be installed
      • Fully free floated barrel


      • 2 locking lugs located on the bolt head
      • Separate "floating" bolt head assures maximum contact with locking lugs
      • Cone-shaped bolt nose assures smooth feeding
      • Sliding plate extractor
      • Ejector is a spring loaded plunger located in the bolt face
      • 1-piece stainless steel bolt body with pad to accept the threaded-in bolt handle
      • Bolt head, non-rotating gas shield, bolt handle, and bolt shroud are Nitrided for extreme durability and is self-lubricating
      • 90 degree bolt throw angle
      • Firing assembly is bayonet style allowing quick access to the firing pin assembly. Simply twist the bolt shroud and the entire firing assembly can be removed without tools


      • All premier rifles feature Triggertech triggers as standard equipment


      • The 2-position safety is part of the trigger assembly.
      • It allows the rifle to be unloaded while in the safe position.
      • Non-rotating gas shield behind the bolt head protects the shooter from gas and debris in the event of a case or primer rupture


      • Made from 416 Premium stainless steel
      • Cerakote coating
      • Sub 1.0 MOA accuracy guaranteed
      • All premier rifles are accuracy qualified prior to shipment and certified sub-MOA at 100 yards using factory ammunition

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